Dubin Group TestimionialsWe work with great clients and attorneys, and we’re delighted that they enjoy working with us!

Please read on for a few representative testimonials.

All of the candidates The Dubin Group referred to us were very strong. In fact, we were in the enviable position of having difficulty eliminating any of them, because they would all have been exceptional hires.

The Dubin Group is thorough and thoughtful. They took the time to get to know our culture and did an exceptional job of finding people who had the right personality for Autodesk, not just a stellar resume.

The attorney they found for us is working out great. We would absolutely call on The Dubin Group again to help.

Some recruiters are skilled at finding candidates with the right resumes; The Dubin Group excels at finding highly qualified people who will thrive in an organization’s culture.

—Rich Foehr, VP, Legal, Autodesk

The Dubin Group is very energetic, proactive and efficient. They take the time to understand the requirements of each position before setting out on a search for talent.

The Dubin Group’s not just sorting through a drawer full of resumes to find a match for a position. They make cold calls and take other innovative steps to locate lawyers that will match a firm’s needs. They always finds candidates with excellent qualifications.

The Dubin Group is easy to deal with and very professional in everything they do. It was a pleasure to introduce them to my firm. I would definitely use The Dubin Group again to fill any future legal vacancies.

—Patrick Reutens, Former General Counsel, Atmel Corp.

I have used The Dubin Group to find positions for myself, and I have used them as a recruiter for the top companies for which I have worked. They are a great resource on both sides of the recruiting table.

The Dubin Group’s candidates never go into an interview blind. When The Dubin Group is on your side, you are well prepared. They educates themselves and their candidates about what each firm or company expects, so there are no surprises.

The Dubin Group does the leg work needed to ensure that great matches occur. Unlike some recruiters who send over every resume they receive, Scott and his team screen all resumes carefully before their client companies ever see them. It makes for a very positive and efficient legal recruiting environment.

The Dubin Group is always honest about the culture of the firms they are recruiting for. They won’t send you to a company where you won’t fit or will be uncomfortable. They always gave me the lay of the land during each of the several career transitions I worked with them on.

—Shanti Ariker, Managing Attorney, salesforce.com

The Dubin Group found us fantastic candidates with precisely the pedigrees and experiences we were looking for. They consistently understand exactly what we need and finds the right lawyers for our vacancies.

I have worked with The Dubin Group on three different searches, all of which went splendidly. The approach is collaborative and the results are truly impressive.

The Dubin Group has access to a deep pool of highly qualified people. They have a tremendous ability to leverage our feedback, because they truly listen to what we have to say and clearly value our views.

The Dubin Group does more than send us candidates who look good on paper. They have a gift for finding people who can do the work that needs to be done.

—Jay Seirmarco, Former General Counsel, SugarCRM and Geeknet

I enjoyed working with The Dubin Group. They gave me sound advice and helped me find a great position.

The Dubin Group understands the legal practices of my field of intellectual property, as well as the IP job market. They helped me find a great position without wasting my time pursuing unsuitable openings.

I would highly recommend The Dubin Group to any attorney seeking a top position in intellectual property law.

—Roger Shang, Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba

Scott stood behind me all the way. He leveraged his relationships with California firms into opportunities for me, even before I was qualified to practice in the state.

When I encounter lawyers with a similar background in the job market, I send them to Scott right away. He has an ability to see the best in his clients and help law firms see it, too.

Scott writes the strongest cover letters I’ve ever seen, putting his candidates’ qualifications out there in no uncertain terms. He knows what firms want and when he has a candidate that he knows is right for the job, he makes a persuasive case on their behalf.

—Emma Channing, Corporate Associate, Simpson Thacher

It’s easy to use The Dubin Group in the hiring process because they know me and are completely tuned into to who I need and who will be a good fit in my organization.

The Dubin Group only sends over resumes that resonate. They sort them for the “gems.” I don’t have to do that, because The Dubin Group is always on top of it.

Scott is so good that the last time I used his services, it was truly difficult to choose the best among the excellent candidates he referred. That’s the kind of problem you want to have when you’re recruiting.

The Dubin Group is flexible and creative, as well as hard-working and well-connected. During the last search they conducted for me, the need to fill another position came up, and they worked out an alternative fee arrangement that was fair to both of us.

—Mike Zuckerman, General Counsel, AAA NCNU Insurance

The Dubin Group has an excellent ability to figure out what kind of lawyer companies are looking for. Their “batting average” for meeting every expectation and making an excellent match is way up there.

The Dubin Group “gets it” with respect to how important personality is in the hiring equation. It’s uncanny how often they delivers just the right person for the position.

Scott is the consummate professional. He listens, works quickly, and follows up after every placement is completed. Scott never disappoints, no matter how difficult the challenge faced.

—Joshua Bar Lev, Former Chief Counsel, PG&E, and Vice President, Regulatory And Government Affairs, Brightsource Energy